What CAM and LAW can do for your neighborhood:

  • Operate and manage the Association as contemplated in the Association’s governing documents; visit the property once a month seeking covenant violations; report findings to the Board or designee and mail out covenant violation letters; provide assistance to and act at the direction of the Board of Directors
  • Attend Annual Association meeting (in person) and quarterly Association Board meetings via phone conference
  • Maintain the Association’s records and oversee payment for Association services; prepare proposed operating and annual budget for approval and adoption by the Board
  • Prepare monthly financial statements and reports, providing complete and accurate accounting of all funds; maintain the Association’s fiscal records in accordance with recognized and acceptable accounting practices
  • Develop effective assessments collection and accounts payable procedures
  • Manage the assets of the Association; maintain office records and accounts, as well as bank account(s)
  • Obtain competitive bids and assist the Boards in selection of insurance companies, contractors and auditors; promptly investigate accidents or claims for damage; make and file timely report(s) to insurance company

The Team Working Hard for Your Association at All Times

  • The qualifying broker who is also the attorney
  • A manager assistant
  • A legal assistant
  • An in-house accountant
  • A covenant violation drive through representative (where CAM provides full service management)

How Lee Mason makes the legalities easy for you:

  • Collection of unpaid assessments and fees
  • The interpretation and enforcement of rules and the governing documents (CC&Rs, Bylaws, Articles)
  • Drafting amendments to governing documents
  • Advising Boards of Directors of their legal rights and obligations under the association documents
  • Revising and negotiating contracts
  • Recommending preventive measures and changes in an association’s practices and legal documentation
  • Association never pays for collection of attorney’s fees incurred as these are collected from the delinquent homeowner.